Beautiful Backyard Wedding | Michelle & Jordan | Columbia MO

Photographing Michelle and Jordan’s beautiful backyard wedding was one of our highlights from 2016. Michelle was a bridesmaid in the first wedding we shot several years ago – you can see her in Andrew and Kristen’s wedding.  It’s unbelievable that Andrew and Kristen had their 4th child weeks after Michelle’s wedding. There are a few things you should know about Michelle and Kristen. They’ve been best friends their whole lives – and I mean since they played with stuffed animals and dolls. Growing up, they were more like sisters and their relationships with one another’s families was just as special. Scott and I had the honor of seeing Michelle over the years since that first wedding. Not only are Michelle and Kristen best friends, but their friendship was part of a very special group of girls that grew up together, got engaged, married and yes, babies for some of them at this point in life. These girls are forever best friends. When we photographed another one of the “best friends” we were so happy to see Michelle and meet her boyfriend, Jordan. You can see this best friend’s wedding here (hi Natalie & Brock!). It was wonderful to see Michelle and Jordan in love. Flash forward two years and she began planning her own dream wedding. Michelle and Jordan are smart, know what they want, and are comfortable being themselves. When Michelle envisioned her wedding, she knew immediately that she wanted it to represent them. She wanted an intimate backyard wedding in the gorgeous month of October at none other than Kristen’s parents’ home where she grew up building a playhouse with Kristen among the cedar trees. She knew she wanted to get dressed in the historic log cabin adjacent to the house. She knew she wanted a beautiful, fun, laid back party and that she wouldn’t have a bridal party – it would be simple. One year prior to her wedding, we shot her engagement pictures where she and Jordan planned to have their backyard wedding and enjoyed getting to know Michelle and Jordan better. I loved watching how in sync and comfortable they are with one another. They’re one of those couples that exude wisdom and maturity. They care deeply, love to learn and are excited to see what life brings them. I could go on about Michelle’s two gowns (oh my gosh they’re both gorgeous!!), how dapper Jordan looked in his gray suit (I hope he didn’t get too irritated at how many times I told him how amazing that suit was!), or how Michelle did an incredible job designing each detail (like those flowers she put together and the awesome table decor!), but this is a blog where I believe the pictures will speak for themselves. Michelle & Jordan – thanks again for inviting us to photograph your incredible day.  

– Sam & Scott