Missouri Botanical Garden Engagement | Keri & Kirk

Last fall Keri & Kirk came down from Chicago so we could shoot their engagement photos at the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis.  It had been several years since Sam & I were there last and I had forgotten just how lovely it is.  The fact that the guards let us stay and shoot for an hour and half after closing certainly added to the intimacy of the final images.  Tomorrow Sam and I are photographing Keri & Kirk’s wedding at one of our favorite venues, Chandler Hill Vineyards in Defiance.  It promises to be a very good day.

Columbia, Missouri Summer Engagement Photographs | Meagan + Zach

Earlier this summer Meagan and Zach drove from St. Louis to Columbia so we could meet and shoot their engagement session.  After a beautiful evening of walking, talking and photographing we spent a couple of  hours around our backyard campfire drinking wine and telling stories.  We are pretty excited to get to hang out with them again when we shoot their wedding this weekend at the fantastic Chandler Hill Vineyards.  It’s going to be a blast.

Columbia, Missouri Summer Engagement |  Caleb + Kelsie

Earlier this summer we had a chance to hang out and shoot some engagement photographs with Caleb and Kelsie at Strawberry Hill Nursery and Rock Bridge State Park.  We are excited for this  weekend when we get to document all the beauty, emotion and fun of their wedding day.  ~Scott & Sam

Colin + Jessica's Early Spring Engagement Photographs

 In March, Sam and I went for a walk with Colin and Jessica at Rock Bridge State Park.  They told us some of their stories and we told them some of ours.  It was one of those days when you can tell that winter is over but spring hasn’t started yet.  It was beautiful.  Here are some of the photos I made during our time together.  Colin and Jessica are getting married in a couple of days and we are honored to be a part of it.  

M.E. + Reed's Icy Winter Engagement Photographs

It’s a photographic truism that bad weather often makes for the best photos. When Sam and I met up with M.E. and Reed a couple days before last Christmas to shoot their engagement photos, everything at Rockbridge State Park was covered in a thick layer of ice from one of last winter’s many storms.  It was very precarious but they never let go of each other and kept each other from falling. They’ll have the rest of their lives to continue that after they get married tomorrow.  

Columbia, Missouri Engagement Photographs | Tom + Stephanie

Whenever we have the opportunity we love shooting multiple engagement sessions in different seasons.  Tom and Stephanie wanted a lot of variety in their photos so we spent a summer evening walking around the University of Missouri Campus and then headed downtown for a rooftop drink. For their fall session we took a little hike on our favorite trail to get some fall color and ended up getting rained on while the sun was shining–it was kind of special.  They’re getting married this weekend and Sam and I are really excited to be part of it.

Columbia, Missouri Engagement  |  Ryan and Becky

Here are a few of the photos we shot last year for Ryan and Becky’s wedding guest book.  Tomorrow is their big day and Samantha and I will be there documenting the whole thing. Thank You. SPM