Blue Bell Farm Wedding | Jessi & Brad

Blue Bell Farm Wedding  |  Jessi & Brad

Hi!  Samantha here — the other half of Scott Patrick Myers Photography. 

Meet Jessi and Brad.  We had the pleasure of photographing their wedding at Blue Bell Farm recently.  Jessi is one of the kindest, smartest people in the world.  And she’s tiny, beautiful and witty.  Then there’s Brad.  He’s super smart, quite tall and can do just about everything.  When he talked about being a pilot I wondered, “what can he not do”?  These two met in Oklahoma, fell in love and find themselves in Columbia starting a new adventure.  

They moved to Columbia last year when Jessi began her residency at MU and Brad started MU’s Physical Therapy program.  I’ll never forget what a surprise it was when they told us “their secret” during their fall engagement session.  They had recently eloped!  You’d think they were our first couple that had been officially married before the wedding we were to photograph, but no.  They were number two.  When booking with us they chose a package that included a guest book with their engagement images.  Their guest book reveals an exciting time since they were really newlyweds with a “happy little secret”.  What fond memories they will have from those images and then to add notes from family and friends make that book a forever keepsake.

Their wedding was everything they wanted—intimate, beautiful and on a perfect 70 degree spring day.  Two seasons after they got married the first time they finally celebrated their marriage surrounded by a few close friends and family.  Among the guests were Jessi’s nieces, “the triplets” who were adorable beyond words as flower girls.  Jessi chose gorgeous Frye shoes that I couldn’t stop oohing and awing over.  I love it when brides incorporate what they love and who they are into their attire.  Their venue pick of Blue Bell Farm was the perfect backdrop for their elegant, laid back and fun day.  They wanted their guests to have fun — to play, so Brad built backyard bean bag toss boards (with neon lights!) that Jessi painted and decorated with precision.  Jessi also put her craftiness to work as she wrote on the boards (that Brad built, too).  Her handwriting looked fake it was so good.  I think they could open an Etsy business if they ever tire of health care.  After a delicious dinner, Harold’s Doughnuts set up a doughnut bar where guests created their own doughnut.  This was a big hit.  Then there was fire, literally.  During the outdoor reception guests broke into the sparklers intended for the exit.  Thankfully they had enough left at the end of the night.  Fun, good food, quality time with guests and an awesome bonfire under a starlit night—I’d call that one great wedding.  Thanks, Jessi and Brad for having us photograph your special day!!  

The vendors for their wedding were among our favorites.  I’ll start with Blue Bell Farm.  The Byrants’ kindness and incredible service along with their amazing barn and breathtaking landscape make Blue Bell Farm a spectacular place for a wedding.   Bleu Catering provided a delectable menu.  The flowers by Tiger Garden were incredible, as always.  Not only do I love the work Tiger Garden consistently creates, but also adore Becky Melton, the manager.  She was the first bride when Blue Bell Farm opened two years ago in May.  You can see her wedding here.  Jessi wanted her bouquet and arbor similar to what Becky had created for herself and her husband.  It was also a treat working alongside Morgan, Kendall and Chole with AnnaBelle Events.  They did a great job organizing everything and making sure everything ran smoothly with smiles on their faces.  Working with good vendors makes our job easier and fun!      

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