Matching Handmade Wedding and Parent Albums

Matching Handmade Wedding and Parent Albums

We think the best way to look at, share and preserve your wedding photography is with a high quality album. Your wedding album is your first family heirloom and in many ways isn’t just for you but is for your children, grandchildren and future generations. That is why we offer several album options with our wedding packages.  

We are especially pleased to offer our handmade Heirloom Albums.  These bespoke albums are designed, printed and built by Scott in our Columbia, Missouri home studio.  Each Heirloom is a one-of-a-kind family treasure that will be cherished for generations.  With up to 100 pages, these albums have the space to tell a wedding story with all the richness and beauty the day deserves. The unique Japanese stab binding and minimalist page layout, invite a slow thoughtful unfolding of the story. Album details like select gatefold spreads, pages that fold out to reveal images twice as wide as the book, offer surprise and emphasis to the layout. From the hand torn deckled pages to the stitching pattern on the binding, our Heirloom albums are full of subtle details that you will find in no other wedding album. We also use only the finest archival materials to insure that every album we build will live up to the name and be a true family heirloom. 

We love these Heirloom Albums we recently built for a bride and her mother-in-law.  Theresa and Mike upgraded to our top of the line 12×15 Heirloom Album with a matching solander case. Their album and case are covered with a cream Lokta paper with navy Lokta accents that matched their wedding colors. The mother of the groom wanted a slightly smaller 10×13 Heirloom Album that visually matched the bride’s album but that would match her home décor rather than the wedding colors.  We built her an album and solander case covered in dark brown lokta paper with subtle gold accents that beautifully matched her living room.  Her album fits perfectly on her coffee table.

A great deal of skill and care goes into the planning of every wedding and we believe that your wedding story deserves to be told in a way that is as beautiful, timeless and unique as the wedding itself.  The final step of any wedding is the album and we believe the album should be one of the most important and beautiful investments of the wedding day.  

~ Scott & Sam


Catalano-heirloom-wedding-album-002 Catalano-heirloom-wedding-album-003 Catalano-heirloom-wedding-album-004 Catalano-heirloom-wedding-album-006 Catalano-heirloom-wedding-album-007 Catalano-heirloom-wedding-album-009 Catalano-heirloom-wedding-album-015 Catalano-heirloom-wedding-album-016 Catalano-heirloom-wedding-album-020 Catalano-heirloom-wedding-album-021 Catalano-heirloom-wedding-album-024 Catalano-heirloom-wedding-album-026 Catalano-heirloom-wedding-album-027 Catalano-heirloom-wedding-album-029 Catalano-heirloom-wedding-album-033 Catalano-heirloom-wedding-album-034 Catalano-heirloom-wedding-album-035 Catalano-heirloom-wedding-album-037 Catalano-heirloom-wedding-album-040 Catalano-heirloom-wedding-album-041 Catalano-heirloom-wedding-album-043

Catalano-heirloom-wedding-album-001 Catalano-heirloom-wedding-album-024 Catalano-heirloom-wedding-album-026Catalano-heirloom-wedding-album-002 Catalano-heirloom-wedding-album-003 Catalano-heirloom-wedding-album-004 Catalano-heirloom-wedding-album-005 Catalano-heirloom-wedding-album-011 Catalano-heirloom-wedding-album-012 Catalano-heirloom-wedding-album-014 Catalano-heirloom-wedding-album-017 Catalano-heirloom-wedding-album-019 Catalano-heirloom-wedding-album-022




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