Tara’s DIY Wedding Flowers

Tara's DIY Wedding Flowers

Saying no when someone really wants us to photograph their wedding is always hard but having to say it to Tara was the worst.  Sam and Tara have been friends since childhood so when she called Sam to let her know that not only was she getting married but that she was going to come back to Columbia from Brooklyn to do so, we were all very happy. But when she told us her date was the first weekend in May, a day that we had booked over a year ago, we were all a little bummed.  Not only were we not going to shoot Tara’s wedding, we couldn’t even go.  All was not lost though.  As the owner of  Brooklyn Plant Studio  Tara lives and breathes flowers and garden design so it was obvious that the flowers would be a very big part of her wedding.  She started work on her wedding flowers last fall when she planted over 4000 bulbs at her family’s farm just outside of Columbia. Not all the bulbs worked out as planned so Tara and her friend and fellow floral designer  Kelli Galloway  supplemented the wedding arrangements with wild dogwood, redbud, cedar, mayapple and assorted other wild flowers foraged from the surrounding forest.   Gardenista.com followed along Tara’s efforts and although Sam and I weren’t able to watch her get married I was able to document at least this one part of her wedding.  

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